Survival Bow Made From Tent Poles and Shoe String MacGyver Studer Style




Robert started prepping 15 years ago in anticipation of the perceived Y2K crisis. Starting out sm...

This is a simple free survival bow you can make for free from recycled or scavenged materials. Fast, easy and effective. You can make one of these in about 10 min. The great thing about this bow is that it is lightweight, strong and completely collapsible.


1) Fiberglass tent pole (bow)

2) Shoe String

3) Drill or hack saw (I used a drill)

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Step 1: Gather Materials

I had an old tent and I kept my old fiberglass collapsible poles or bows. I have used these before in other projects to follow.

1) get an old pole and remove 2 to 3 sections. This will depend on how long the sections are and how long you want your bow to be. This bow is 41" long.

2) get a shoe string at least 48" long

3) get drill with 1/8 drill bit or hack saw.

Step 2: Drill or Saw Notches Into Ends

1) Drill 1/8" hole approx 3/4" inch from end with the metal receive sleeve of both pieces of pole.

2) On one of the ends use a hacksaw or by drilling holes close to each other have the 1/8" opening right to the end.

If using a hacksaw, cut an 1/8" wide notch to a depth of approx 3/4". on both pieces.

Step 3: String Bow

1) Get your shoe string and thread the end with the hole and tie a knot.

2) measure your string while it is as tight as you can stretch it and make it approx 6" shorter than your bow. This will allow you to tie a loop giving you an end length of loop to loop of about 4" shorter than the bow.

3) String in one hand bend bow and slip loop into the notch


Step 4: Done and Ready to Shoot

You are now done and ready to shoot. The great thing about this bow is that it is lightweight, strong and completely collapsible. I don't know what the draw weight of this bow is. I'll have to update that at a later time. Next time I'll show you how to make arrows from fiberglass tent poles.

Robert James Studer

"Be Prepared, Stay Safe and Survive!"

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