Survival Kit in a Can

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Altoids survival kits seem a bit small to me and I could not fit all I wanted in the and the close properly. So this survival kit is made from a soup can that was opened with a safty can opener so it sort of has a lid to it.

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Step 1: Contents

What i put in this survival kit.
¨2 small plastic garbage bags
¨duct tape
¨6 band-aids
¨tin foil
¨2 tea bags
¨2 ziploc bags
¨12 matches
¨4 asprins
¨4 q-tips
¨1 trash bag
¨1 survival cheet sheet gotten from

Step 2: Water Shelter Fire

This kit includes
-2 small garbage bags 4 gallon these are for water collection
-1 regular garbage bag  this one is for shelter building
-Two ziploc bags enclosed is the matches

Step 3: First Aid

A lot of these Items I have can be used for a lot more that first aid-
-6 band-aids
-4 asprins
-roll of duct tape to make this just roll duct tape around a paperclip and roll to about a half an inch thick or so
-4 q-tips this could be used for fire starting as well

Step 4: Other Things

In this division I have
-2 green tea bags to make water taste a little better
-1 bobben of thread and some needles
-1 folded Square of  tin foil
-One 11 function knife
-1 survival guild

Step 5: Water

Now for water I have a filtration system and might add some tablets later IDk. There still is some room in the kit so any suggestions. I do plan on adding a few emergency food bars some paracord and a knife sharpener.

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    7 Discussions

    rla torre1

    6 years ago on Introduction

    That yellow box at the top is a waterproof box available in any Walmart sporting goods dept. They sell for about 12 bucks. I have one and I'm using it for my Bear Grylls kit because I've added stuff to it. Great box. It's actually made for cell phones and wallets for when you're boating or at the beach.


    6 years ago

    (The case that I'm talkin about is at the top of the page)


    6 years ago

    What's da yellow case for? I didn't see it in your kit.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I would replace the q tips with several cotton balls tightly would with one long piece of dental floss or fishing line, giving much more cotton to use, and more importantly, thin rope for tying things, an very useful ability. I prefer this size survival kit over the altoids ones because its hard to fit in everything you may need in, and you generally have to leave things out.