Survival Necklace

First you need to get one necklace LED Halloween safety or something similar and a screwdriver to get in the necklace also a knife and pliers help to hallow it out

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Step 1: Take the Necklace Apart

It's very self explanatory you have to take it apart with the screwdriver and you will see the inside of the necklace lighting controls

Step 2: Gut the Inside of the Necklace

Unscrew the parts then discard everything in the necklace but the first screws that you unscrewed

Step 3: Take Out the Groves

Use a knife or pliers to remove the battery holsters and other groves to make your supplies more room

Step 4: Your Finished With a Necklace

You're done put any supplies that will fit I suggest matches or medicine this is my first instructable thx for reading:)

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