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Intro: Sushi Cupcakes

Learn how to make realistic looking sushi cupcakes with mini cupcakes by following these simple instructions. Quicker and easier than you would expect!

Step 1:

You will need:

Black fondant
Tea towel with square pattern
Gummy worms (multi-colored)
3/4 cup your favorite Buttercream icing
1 Tblsp Shortening
silpat mat (or non-stick surface for rolling fondant) -could use cutting board and grease with shortening

Non-stick cooking spray
Sushi Dish/tray
Chocolate cake mix

Sprinkles (pearlized jimmies)

pastry bag and icing tip (optional)
hand mixer (optional)
rolling pin
measuring cup
mixing bowl

Mini muffin tin
cutting board (not shown)



Step 2:

Bake mini cupcakes as per cake mix directions.

Grease  silpat with shortening.

Roll out a strip of black fondant to 1/8 inch thickness and approximately 2 inch width. Length does not matter, as you will cut it to size.

Take a tea towel with a pattern and lightly press pattern onto fondant

Step 3:

Put a coat of buttercream around the sides of the cupcake, spreading on with a spatula. Don't worry about crumbs mixing in, it doesn't matter.. the fondant will cover.

Step 4:

Roll cupcake in fondant strip as shown.

Step 5:

Trim fondant at end and press edges together (use a tiny bit of water to make it stick, if necessary)

Step 6:

Use pastry bag and piping tip to pipe buttercream on top of cupcake OR just spread with a spatula (as I did in this photo)- use whatever technique is easier for you.

Step 7:

Shake pearlized jimmie sprinkles onto the top of each cupcake, ensuring to cover the entire top of cupcake, so no buttercream shows through ( press sprinkles into the buttercream to ensure they stick).  

Step 8:

Cut a small piece of yellow off gummy worm and squish it between your fingers, flattening it,  then stretch it as much as possible (don't worry if it rips a little - they are pliable and can be squished back together).

Next cut a small piece of the green (do not squish or stretch )

Place a piece of green and yellow and place on top of each cupcake. Press down a little to ensure it sticks.

Step 9:

Slice the orange part of the gummy worm into 4 equal pieces.

Step 10:

Dig a little hole across from the green and yellow pieces on each cupcake for the orange "carrot".

Step 11:

Put 4 pieces of orange gummy worm pieces ("the carrot")  in the hole you dug with the toothpick,so the 'carrots' are sticking out a little higher than the green and yellow pieces.
Place the 'sushi" onto a sushi serving plate and fill the sauce reservoir with vanilla (this creates a lovely aroma),  add a pair of chopsticks and serve!


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    6 years ago on Introduction

    These are by far the best sushi cupcakes I have ever seen! The white sprinkles for rice are so cool.