Sushi Mat Makeup Holder




Introduction: Sushi Mat Makeup Holder

I came across this project on and I had to try it out for myself. I thought it was a great way to organize all my makeup brushes because they normally find their way to the bottom of my handbag where they eventually stick to a piece of gum.

This project is very easy and took me about 20-30 minutes to finish. I got all my supplies at Michaels, except for the sushi mat which I ordered on Amazon. All in all, I spent around $6 on this project.

Enjoy making this super handy makeup holder!

Step 1: What You'll Need

1 sushi mat
1 elastic fabric band (I used less than a yard)
1 glue gun
1 pair of scissors
1 button
1 foot of string or yarn

Step 2: Placing Your Brushes and Weaving the Elastic Band

Start threading the elastic band between the bamboo slits. I started from four slits in. I placed my brushes down on the mat, and according to their size, allowed for either one or two slits for the brush to be. I weaved the elastic band underneath for three slits, then came back through the slits and repeated the process. Based on the size of makeup brushes you have, you'll want to adjust the amount of elastic band used..

Step 3: Using Your Hot Glue Gun

Once you've weaved all your brushes in, cut the ends of the elastic band so that there is about an inch remaining on the ends.

Taking your hot glue gun, put glue on the elastic and fold over to attach it to the bamboo. Repeat on the other side.

Step 4: Attaching Your Button

Now, thread your yarn or string through the end bamboo slit and string your button or bead. I knotted mine about five times. Trim excess yarn or string.

Step 5: Finishing Your Makeup Holder

I tried a few different ways to do this, but the best was to just string the yarn through one slit on the opposite side from the button. Tie a knot that leaves a gap that will allow for a closing of the makeup holder. A good rule of thumb was to put a pencil through the hole, then tie a knot around that. For me, that was plenty of room for it to go around the button, but it all depends in what type of button you pick.

Step 6: Voila!

And there you have it...your very handy dandy sushi mat makeup holder!




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    4 years ago

    great :-) the first thing i will try next weekend ;-)

    Cool idea! I don't really make up but is also perfect for brooches or like pencils holder!

    What a great idea! I just got a ton of new brushes so this would be a great project to get them all organized. Thanks for sharing.

    This looks like an easy fun project I can do with my 7 year old who actually asked me this morning on the way to 1st grade for make up, maybe we'll do colored pencils instead!

    Such an awesome idea, and just in time for the holidays! I know what "crafty gift" I'll be making for my sisters! Thanks for sharing! <3

    This is so cool and cute and as previously mentioned a very approachable project for a child. Thanks for sharing. I am definitely going to make one of these.

    My wife is going to love this! Great project!

    I showed this to my daughter to make for her mom for Christmas.

    1 reply

    I hope your wife likes it. It is a great travel companion and I'm sure your daughter will enjoy making it. :-)

    This is genius! I love the way sushi mats look and this is a super clever approach to organizing your make up brushes. I think I am going to store my knitting needles and crochet hooks this way.

    Great job! And thank you for sharing your project :D

    1 reply

    Thanks so much and I hope it works well for your knitting needles and crochet hooks. I didn't realize how many uses this could have!