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Introduction: Sushi Toilet Paper Covers

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Here's an easy project you can do with the kids that will take 10 minutes and add levity to the bathroom.

Let's create a cover that transforms your rolls of toilet paper into fun giant sushi rolls you won't mind your guests seeing!

Materials you need:

  • a sheet of dark green or black felt (for the nori/seaweed)
  • a piece of pink or orange felt (for the fish)
  • a toilet paper roll
  • a glue gun
  • four magnets
  • the lid from a milk jug (or some other lid that fits into a TP roll

These materials are enough for one cover. You should make more than one piece so it looks better.

You can add some take-out chopsticks for effect.

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Step 1: Assemble!

The "fish"

  1. Heat up your glue gun.
  2. Cut a piece of your fish felt slightly bigger than the milk jug lid. Cut it irregularly to look more like real fish.
  3. Glue the lid to the felt as shown. Stick it in the TP hole at the end.

The "seaweed"

  1. Cut your felt into a rectangle that's slightly higher than the width of the TP roll. Wrap it around the roll and cut it to size, leaving about 1-2 inches of overlap.
  2. Now glue one magnet in each of the two corners and wait for it to cool.
  3. Put the other two magnets on the glued magnets so the polarity matches. Then dab some glue on that magnet. Be careful not to overglue or the felt might glue together.
  4. Roll the TP closed and press down so the magnets glue to the felt. Let it cool for a few seconds, then carefully peel the magnets apart and make sure the felt separates.

Step 2: You're Done!

Hopefully that kept the kids busy for a while (or maybe just you).

The benefit to using these is you'll feel secure knowing that you always have extra rolls at hand.

Sugoi ne!

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    3 years ago

    This is pretty cool.
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    3 years ago

    This is very clever.


    3 years ago

    These are adorable!