Sustainable IPhone / IPod Paper Case (Origami)

I had a problem: I always use papers to jot down my to do lists and didnt have time to type it in my iPod touch so I thought about how to solve that and came up with this Origami Paper Casing. This is the easy version!! Depending on the feedback I will put up the real hard version online or make this one even easier. Have fun and tell me what you think!

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Step 1: Prepare

Download the pdf:
For US format: "Folding US easy"
For DIN format: "DIN simple"

and cut the rectangle.

Step 2: Hands On!

Fold it in half

Step 3: Corner Folding

Now take care about the corners. It takes a little finger tricks to pull it in but it´s easiest if you first fold the two outer edges and then push it in to fold the middle one.

Step 4: Folding Sides

Unfold the corners again and fold the sides in.

Step 5: Now the Hard Step

This is the hardest step: You have to kind of curl the corners in. I tried to take pictures of every small step.

Step 6: Cover

Now fold the cover so that it almost looks like an envelope.

Step 7: Stick It In!

Almost through! Fold the cover in the hull so it fixes the back part.

Step 8: IPhone Time!

Pull out your iPhone and try it out! Might be a little tight because i constructed it for iPod touch. So would be happy about feedback how it works with iPhone.

As i said this is the eays version. There is a more harder version in the pipline.

Have fun!

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