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About: im 14 years old and male
hey guys so today i discovered swagbucks, i see advertisements all the time and wonder why they advertise it, to be honest there isnt any benefit of me advertising it but i think you should get the chance to take part.

Im not going to lie to you, its hard work! if you dont like typing then you can 'stake' the points by playing a wide variety of games on the site. However the no risk way is to fill in surveys, take part in polls ect...

In about a week you can earn 10 dollars or £6-8 if your like me and you live in the United kingdom. Thats from a simple 30 minutes on your computer - not bad for no effort, especially if your looking for a job and the benefits are not enough! - not being rude by the way but there is a credit crunch so everything helps

Anyway , you recieve points for referring and would meen alot if you could use my link to start an account, thankyou:)

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