Swan Double Egg - Faberge' WannaBe




Intro: Swan Double Egg - Faberge' WannaBe

This is a real egg that took many many hours to decorate. The larger outer egg has a small egg inside it. A glass swan sits in the smaller egg. There are many detailed cutouts, apliques, metalic cords, beads, and rhinestones. The large egg is permanently mounted on custom made golden swans.



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I would like to know if any craft manufacturer makes hollow eggs from carved wood or molded lucite and with various cut-out shapes. I am thinking of the L-egg size once used for pantyhose. Sheila_Beers@hotmail.com


    9 years ago on Introduction

    That egg is incredible, and I can only imagine the amount of swearing that went on while you were making all those cuts. (At least it would be swearing in my house. You may be much classier than we are) Thank you so much for sharing, you are beginning to tempt me into making such an egg. Of course that means the SO will divorce me - I already make jewelry, beaded and crystal sculptures and I paint porcelain and china. We're going to need a second house, just to hold my hobbies.