Swan Planter Nightlight DIY




For about $10, you can make yourself a brand new swan nightlight!

Step 1:

You'll need:  A swan planter of course and a string of lights. 
I was going to use my white LED lights, but opted for a string of orange ones from the $tree instead. 
I liked the orange glow and they didn't have the plug in extension like the LED ones on the other end, so it was easy to string it through the drain hole in the swan's backside. 

I purchased the plastic swan planter here www.acehardware.com. 
They didn't have them in my local store so I ordered it online and had it delivered there for free!

Step 2:

The hole in the backside is large enough to insert the $tree string of lights so you won't need to cut the drain hole bigger.

I used a bit of tape to secure the end up inside the neck.
Plug it in and yer done!

Step 3:

Total cost:  $10.49

These would be cute for a baby's room or an evening wedding.

I love mine!



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