Swanky BBQ Fire Pit .......

Small area? Got the primal urge of fire? But, a fine sense of style is holding you back from a pile of logs in a hubcap?

Let's build a fire pit that the Cleavers will covet!

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Step 1: Materials.....

1. Box of grill. 18 bucks

2. Flower pot. 29 bucks

3. Round concrete paver. 4 bucks

Step 2: Tools and Easy Peasy Put Together .....

1. Screwdriver

2. Pipe cutter

Shorten legs of grill with pipe cutter so that the base of grill sits even with flowerpot. Replace rubber caps on end of legs.
Set grill in flowerpot .

Strip sod and add a little sand to level paver. Set your new fire pit on concrete paver .

Step 3: Add Wood ...let's Go

Add top grill when coals are ready for some wood fired meat. When the party's over use lid to put out the fire. Lift out to dump ashes. Let it cool off.

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