Introduction: Swans

Hello! today i will be teaching you how to make a wonderful valentines day gift! I gave it to her a little early though :/ so thats why it says merry christmas.

You will need
-glue (optional) 

Step 1: Step 1 the Pieces

look at the pictures for help to know how to cut and fold the triangles.
1 first take your piece of paper and fold it so you get 32 rectangles 
2 now cut out those rectangles
3 fold the rectangles into the triangles.

how to fold triangles
1. take your rectangles and fold it hot dog ways so the fold is at the bottom
2. take the left side and line it up so it matches the right then crease.
3. unfold the last step so you have a hot dog with a line through it.
4. fold the side so the bottom of one side of the hot dog lines up with the line you made (look at pictures)
5. do the same for the other side
6. flip it over
7.fold the corners of the triangle so it makes the super man sign.
8. insert the top part of the superman sign into the pocket. see pictures
9. do the same to the other side.
10.fold in half so you get the triangle with 2 pockets.
11. one down around 400-450 more :) depending on how you want it to look you can use more or less.
I suggest doing this while you watch tv or a movie :)

Step 2: Step 2 Putting the Pieces Together.

go to the url below and follow the instructions.

there are other ways to make them so be creative ;)
i didn't make the ones in the pictures in this step.

Step 3: Step 3 (if You Want It to Look Like the One in the Title :)

If you want it to look like the one in the title you'll need to
1 make 2 swans
2 glue them to a piece of cardboard.
3 glue the necks in a heart shape on a piece of cardboard. (I used a red notebook)
4 Then print out what you want to say!

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