Swatch Books!




This is a really easy and fun three step process to make personalized swatch books- the best part about this project is that there are no rules you can do whatever you want :)

Step 1: Materials

here are some materials you are going to need first, the essentials:

waxed floss or some fancy waxed book binding thread (both work)

semi-thick pages from any book except flimsy pages ones such as chapter books (doesn't matter what size or what they look like (make sure they are big enough to fold in half)

needle (not too small)

whatever you want in your book-magazine pages, ribbons,comics, fabrics, envelopes, candy wrappers, even napkins


glue (a big glue stick works best)

Step 2: Sewing Your Book

Materials for this step:

semi-thick pages


floss or waxed book binding thread

first, take your book pages, line them up, then fold them in half. open then up once again and with your needle poke three holes on the crease ( one in middle this will be hole number one, one halfway between middle and right side this will be hole number two, and one half-way between middle and left side this will be hole number three) thread your needle and poke it through the hole number one from the outside. next, go through hole number two. you should be at outside now- go through the number one again after that go through hole number three (almost done with sewing!),then to the middle once again (yay finished!) tie both ends or the floss or thread and cut off the excess tails.

Step 3: The Fun Part- Making the Book Your Own

Materials for this step:



all the stuff you want to include

go through all the things you want to include and do whatever you want paste them or attach them anywhere you can use scissors to cut or press a ruler against the page and tear for a straight line I hope you enjoyed this project remember not to rush have fun with it! please comment and rate :)



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    2 Discussions

    lovely! This ytakes me straight to my huge crafting cloth-bin, where I have 6 old fabric books from a cloth-shop. Actually I'd been cutting them out of one book, then getting frustrated, not knowing how to use them (they have stuck-on paper or card details) but seeing this, I can keep them as they are, make pockets, decorate... they are quite large, with very thick card covers, so are ideal for what I need... all inspired by YOU! Thanks so much. 2 years too late , just joined this fab site, but still - wanted to comment .


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Interesting idea, thanks for sharing it. Think I can use this for a project I have in mind.