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Introduction: Sweater Pie

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My kids love playing with their little toy kitchen and have some fake food to go with it.  Most of it is plastic.

I had some scraps of felted sweaters left over from some other projects, and I figured I should start making them some softer play food.

You will need:

some kind of felt
foam or other stuffing

Step 1: Make the Filling

I had some scraps of foam from another project, so I used one to cut a wedge shape for the piece of pie.

I wrapped the orange felt around the wedge, making sure it covered the sides and the top of the wedge.  I trimmed them, leaving a little excess to make sure no foam would show through after the crust was attached.

I stitched the point of the wedge, then turned the felt right side out and sewed it to the foam.

Step 2: Attach the Crust

I cut a piece of off white felt to fit the bottom and back of the pie, with a little excess at the top edge of the back to fold down for the crust.

I folded down the edge of the back and stitched the crust to the filling.  When the crust was all attached, I sewed a couple stitches at one side of the back crust where it sticks up above the pie, pushed it through the crust a little bit, pulling tight, and sewed another couple stitches.  I did that along the back to make the crust slightly puckered.  You can see me pulling the thread tight in the second to last picture to gather the crust a bit and make it wavy/puckered to resemble real pie crust.

Step 3: Add Whipped Topping

Cut a circle in white felt.  Cut a few slits (I did 6) around the outside of the circle, not quite going all the way to the middle (you don't want to cut your circle apart).

You should now have several tabs around the outside of your circle like in picture 2.  Cut a rounded corner from one side of each tab like in picture 3.

pass the threaded needle in and out of one of the points of your flower-ish shape and tie a knot to secure the end.  Pass the needle in and out of the next tip, continuing all the way around the outside of the flower, then pulling the thread tight.  This should draw all the points together.

If there are gaps in the side of your whipped topping rosette, you can pass the needle through the sides, stitching the gaps together and letting the felt pucker a little bit.  Real whipped topping does that.

Stitch the whipped topping to the top of the pie; pass the needle through the white felt rosette, then through a pinch of the pie topping fabric a few times around the perimeter of the rosette.  Tie a knot, then push the needle into the pie and out through the back, trimming off excess thread so that the tail of the thread is inside the pie.

Thanks for reading!  Post pics if you make your own.  :)

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Excuse me, waiter? There's lint on my pie.

    This would look fun on my desk!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Holy crumbcakes...that is too cute. I love this craft!

    That is so cute! I always wanted fake food when I was younger! What a great way to make it. The whipped topping is so adorable!