Sweatshirt Pack

Introduction: Sweatshirt Pack

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Turn an old sweatshirt or long sleeved shirt into a stylish pack. Doesn't require more than a sweatshirt, sharp scissors, some thread, and a needle (or sewing machine).

Great for an intermediate hand sewing project or begginer's sewing machine project.

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Step 1: Disassemble

1. Cut the sleeves of at the arm pits, preferable at the seams.Set aside for use in step 2.
2. Cut off an existing tags.

As simple as that!

Step 2: Sewing It All Together

1. Fold fat sleeves in half. Sew the sleeves on the back of the shirt so they run vertically. Only sew the top and bottom ends, leaving some slack.
2. Sew the bottom shut so you can store stuff in the pack.

Step 3: Additional Steps

-Sew one or both of the arm holes shut, leaving an opening just at the neck or at the neck and one arm.
-Sew the neck closed and/or one arm, leaving an opening at one or both of the arms.
-Add a fastener such as Velcro or a snap to the opening.
-Leave arms and neck open and put a hanger through to make a sock bag.

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