Swedish Cinnamon Rolls (KanelBullar)




Introduction: Swedish Cinnamon Rolls (KanelBullar)

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As a student, early 2000's, I have spent some time in Sweden. I was living in the beautiful city of Gothenburg, studying at the University of Chalmers.

I really enjoyed that time, discovering the Swedish culture. What amazed me there is the food since I didn't know that Sweden has such a culinary culture. The best among all the new meals I have tested, incl. the long lasting memory Surströmming (fermented Baltic Sea herring), was the KanelBulle.

Together with a cup of Coffee, KanelBullar are the best companions of your Sunday afternoons, reading a good book at the Fire side or sharing a coffee break with your colleagues, talking about all or nothing.

Baking KanelBullar is fairly easy but do it in advance as you need some resting time (not you, the dough)

Let's bake it!

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Step 1: Let's Bake Cinnamon Rolls

What you need:

for the cake:

  • 700g of flour,
  • 300g of milk (about 30 dl),
  • 120g of sugar,
  • 100g of melted butter
  • 1 (fresh) egg
  • 30g of fresh baking yeast
  • salt
  • cardamom (powder)

for the filing:

  • 50g of melted butter (I rather have it not melted but really soft)
  • sugar (at your taste)
  • cinnamon (powder)

Step 2: Backing Cinnamon Rolls

Let's go:

Take the yeast and mix it in a bit of tempered milk.

Once done, pour the rest of the milk, the melted butter and all other ingredients.

Mix it slowly and best, use a bread machine. Knead 15 min (10 in a machine) and let it rest for about 30 min. This is an important step. Do a real 15 min and a real 30 min ;-) Protect it with a cloth.

Roll out the pastry: about 4mm height, 30 cm wide. Try to make a square instead of a traditional round shape, you will obtain better reasult later on.

Put the soft butter on it and then sugar and cinnamon. I suggest to mix sugar and cinnamon in a bowl in order to have a better mix and thus a better taste.

Roll the whole thing, not too tight. Cut the rolls and put it on a baking plate (I use baking paper). Let the pastries rest for an hour (Yes, I know, you wanted to bake now and eat them but we have to wait, first because we need the yeast to make its job, then because waiting make the rolls even tastier).

Break an egg and paint your bullar with the yellow part to make a shinning finish.

Step 3:

Brew your coffe.

6 to 8 min in oven, 240°C (th.8)

Wait .... Wait.... Wait....

Take care, it's hot!!!

Enjoy your KanelBullar!

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    Looks like you have done your homework mr! Bra jobbat! ;-)