Swedish "Wraparound Desk Made From One Sheet of Plywood"




Introduction: Swedish "Wraparound Desk Made From One Sheet of Plywood"

Inspired by the original desk:
I built one too, but with some variations.
Legs are IKEA's vika curry with two spin-out drawers. Also features MIKAEL drawer and SIGNUM cable channel.
I've later added a ALLAK workchair aswell.
Made in Sweden :)

Step 1: Cutting the Sheet

Pictures are pretty self-explanatory, first the diagonal cut and then marking up the radius.
Cutting the radius and adding the locks.
Last I had to go through the diagonal cut again to make the halves fit tighter.

Step 2: Paint

Painting, wet sanding and applying clear coat.
This was the most time-consuming and important step.

Step 3: The Rest

Finished, the bottom drawer acts as a file cabinet.
Nifty drawers that rotate around the legs.
Added some wheels to the pc to push it in the corner while the dvd Isn't in use.
The cables all got nicely tucked away, and the ones to the sorround system and tv is packed in a cable-hose initially made for industrial purposes.



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    hey iw as online could i use other antique legs and paint it whit also anyone thought of carbon nanotubes for legs just a thought

    2 replies

    what kind of screws did you use for the legs?

    And could you use a cheaper particle board instead of plywood, or would it not be strong enough?

    4 replies

    I used plain screws for wood, see http://biltema.se/sv/Bygg/Skruv-och-Bult/El-och-Blankforsinkat/Traskruv/

    Not sure about the strenght, but hey IKEA uses particle board for about everything :) I'm still using this table every day for two years with no sign of wear except the clearcoat in front of the keyboard.

    Oh, you are using particle board, not plywood?

    I didn't think you could make something with plywood/particle board and make it look so good! I also like the that you used legs and not file cabinets, it looks nicer but i just wonder how much particle board+ those legs would be able to hold, a few hundred pounds maybe?

    To be honest I dont know what it's called, and now I cant remember what the name was in swedish :) But have a look at step 1, I added a picture of the surface.

    200 pounds, thats me, and I can sit in at the weakest point (just in the middle of the curve at the seam) and, though it flexes about half an inch, there is no worries of breaking it.

    I'm not a wood expert by no means, but to me that looks like fiberboard (particle board i think is the lowest grade of fiberboard)

    Maybe i'll take a trip to my home depot or lowes and ask them

    It was a half-gloss paint, three or four layers with wet sanding 1200 between each layer. Two rounds of clear coat (that makes the difference) and done. I'd recommend anyone doing this to buy any cheap paint to use on the first layers, as it uses less expensive paint for the last layers then. I bought it all at a quality paintshop and used quality rollers when applying, that and the wet sanding is a must to get a good result. Maybe you could spray on the last layers and get the same result with less effort. Thanks for the comments all

    Why don't you stain it with say tea to give it an antique look rather than use paint that has an enormous impact on the environment? I have always believed that 'instructables' nurtures the environment friendly ethos. Just a friendly comment not meaning to offend.

    If you find any "high-gloss black piano paint"-tea let me know. I wasnt out to get the old tea look, and it would look like poop on a MDF board

    Oh sorry! I forgot to add, not tea for one person! No! The same tea that is used to make black paint but with a higher concentrate. It is only the fixatives that are the harmful chemicals to the environment. But, I thought Instructable users were intelligent and acquired their ingredients at source! FYI: Tea has an ingredient called Tannin; used in the tanning leather and used as a microbial inhibitor on wood. Wiki or Google 'Tannin' and Blackwater River, Florida and you will see why I suggested tea. You should find a tea that presents itself as a high gloss black! "Now how do I get those cup ring stains off?"

    You went from "not meaning to offend" to attacking peoples intelligence pretty quickly. I highly doubt that the enviroment is one pint of black paint away from total destruction. I think you need to recalibrate what is an 'enourmous impact" if you think that a pint of paint would qualify.

    The goal of this project was not to create an "antique" look since that does not usually match a "Swedish" design concept.

    I am offended that you list your interest in motorcycles in your profile since they are evil because they burn fossil fuels and use up tons of rubber.

    I think the more "instructable" way would be to create an instructable on how to color something black with Tea and then say something like "Hey check out my instructable on what I think is a more enviromentally sound way of staining something."

    Some other quick notes:
    1. He said high-gloss so you haven't met his requirements.
    2. Most MDF is not water resistant  and I'm guessing that you would need to apply the tea wet somehow. Water resistant MDF is both expensive and usually only sold in speciality stores. It might be a bit easier to find if you live by a place with a lot of boating.
    2a. Without the clearcoat the their is nothing protecting the desk from humidity so no more setting your drink down.
    3. Where is he going to get this tea from have it flown in from China? Better yet since "intelligent instructables aquire things at their source" he would have to fly to China himself and then grow the tea himself. He could probably then go collect his own silk straight from the worms. On his way home he could make a quick stop in Africa to collect some Shellac to protect the desk with. Hopefully he remembered to plant a tree before he left so that when he gets back a decade later he could cut it down and collect the wood.
    4. MDF is mostly or almost mostly made up of "binder". Its a bunch of wood scraps glued together.
    5. Just because its natural doesn't mean its "better" or more "earth friendly" paint. Just ask all the people effected by lead paint.

     Ok lets not attack motorcyclist now. Even an open piped motorcycle doesnt put out even half the emissions that a early 80's car or even a new truck does so lets just leave us two wheelers out of it please!

    I'm not attacking motorcycles, just his smugness and attempts to make himself a victim.

    I was saying offended ironically. I think motorcycles are pretty sweet.