Sweet Banana Bread



Introduction: Sweet Banana Bread

One of the most common fruits in tropical countries is the banana. In Brazil, we have a lot of variations of banana we can crop in our backyards: Banana Nanica (little), Banana Prata (silver), Banana Maçã ("apple"), Banana da Terra (ground's), Banana Ouro (gold), and each of these have theirs own variations.

So we are familiarized with a lot of banana candies. It makes them sick of eating banana cake, banana paste, banana with oat and honey... But few people make banana filled breads, sweet and soft as a spring cloud.

Indeed, Bananas have some natural components that can make you happy, strong and healthy! But these breads can be made of chocolate drops or guava paste (goiabada) too, if you prefer.

So let's stop wasting time and learn this delicious recipe:

Step 1: Materials:

All you need is:


- 3 eggs

- 2 sup spoons (30 g each spoon) of sugar

- A little bit of salt

- 10 g of biological yeast (powder)

- 360 mL of warm water

- 180 mL of soy oil

- 1 kg of wheat flour


- Bananas

- Sugar

- Cinnamon

- 1 egg

Step 2: Dough:

Put all the liquids and the eggs in a blender, and whisk until it seems homogen. Then add the yeast, sugar and salt, and blend again. Transfer this liquid dough to a bowl and add some flour. Start blending with the hands, adding flour until it's able to be handled and shaped. When completely homogen, let the dough rests for 40 minutes, so the yeast can act and the dough will grow.

Step 3: Filling:

Preheat thestove at 120 Celsius degrees (248 Farenheit). While it is heating, start making the filling.

Slice the bananas in semi circles, then add sugar and cinnamon bananas.

Step 4: Mounting:

Split the dough in small parts and open them with a roll of mass, doing little squares. Put the banana filling in the edge of the squares, then curl them, starting from the filled edge (You can do some scratches with a knife in the empty side of the mass, or any other ornament you like, before coiling).

After that, put the breads in a tray. With a paint-brush, pass the whisked eggs over the dough and sprinkle some sugar.

So, take them to the stove for 20 minutes.

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