Sweet Basket From Soap and Plastic Bags . How to .




How to make deco basket from soap and plastic bags.

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    i understood it also, maybe because i am homebound so i watch many videos of different techniques and i have seen these moves before. if i was not familiar to them then i would not have understood it either. very cute, think i will try to teach my girls and they can make them for the holidays!!!. wonderful idea but video would need to be slowed doen. (i seen this is a year old so i am going to see if you took others advice and make a new one.)


    8 years ago on Introduction

    This is sooooo fast that I tried to understaind it after 3 times viewing.. I love the result but the how to is still a guess for a big part! Sorry


    8 years ago on Introduction

    As good as it looks. It would been much better if you had slowed it down and added more captions so we could understand it better. So please consider this and make us all a new vid that is quicker. K thanks Bye


    WOW that was a great idea but WWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! to fast man slow it down please either that or make a written tut. I would really like to try this but you need to get off the caffeine LOL!

    This looked really interesting, its a very novel idea! I think it would be greatly improved if the difficult bits were slowed down - skip through the insertion of pins in the soap, this was the clearest thing but I didn't get any of making the flowers, unfortunately. Cheers for the unusual idea. :)