Sweet Corn Soup




-sweet corn soup is perfect for chilled weather when we crave to have something hot.

-It is very easy to prepare in no time and can also be served on kid parties


-one cup boiled sweet corn kernels

-one cup water

-one cup milk

-one tsp cornflour

-Black pepper


-salt for taste

-Few spring onions for garnishing

Step 1: Blending

-First boil sweet corn kernels and keep ready.

-Add half cup of water and blend the kernels to paste

Step 2: Cooking

-Take a sauce pan add this paste it. Allow to boil it.Add remaining half cup of water

Step 3: Add Milk

-Next add cup of milk and mix.

Step 4: Add Cornflour

-Dissolve a teaspoon of corn flour in little water and add it

-once corn flour is added it starts thickening.

-Make consistency as per your choice

Step 5: Add Seasonings

-Finally add pepper,salt , oregano and mix

Step 6: Serve Hot

- Garnish with spring onions and serve the soup hot with some bread sticks.



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