Sweet Hair Clip for Girls



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The moment I saw this ribbon in the craft store I pictured a beautiful bow in a girl's hair and I knew I had to have it. The colors make it look very sweet and cheerful just like every girl should be.

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Step 1: Materials



Thread and needle

Big button to match the colors of your ribbon

Glue gun

Metallic hair clip

Step 2: Big Piece

Cut 5 inches of your ribbon and start making stitches all along the ribbon in one of the sides. Pull your thread and close your circle by making more stitches holding both ends. Do this behind the side you're going to show so your stitches are not visible.

Step 3: Small Piece

Cut 5 more inches of ribbon, fold it in half and make stitches as you did with the first circle but this time holding both sides so you can have a smaller piece. Pull the thread and close it like you did with the first one.

Step 4: Assemble

Glue the little piece on top of the big one and the button on top of the little piece. Hold it with your fingers while it cools down.

Step 5: Hair Clip

Put glue in your hair clip and place your circles on it. Press firmly and glue the sides of the ribbon to the hair clip. When working with a glue gun always take precautions specially if you have kids around.

Now your hair clip is ready to be used by a little sweet princess. Enjoy!

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