Sweet Orange Balls

When You eat oranges., do not throw the peel. 

Step 1: Ingredients

I had the peel of two oranges.
Their weight was 150 grams,. so I needed 150 grams of sugar and approximately 50 grams of sugar for rolling.

Step 2: Preparation

Put orange peel in cold water and allow to stand 24 hours in it.
The next day put them in clean water, and cook until they become soft.
Remove them from water and dry 10 hours
After that, grind them in a machine for meat or in a blender.

Step 3: Cooking

So, how many grams of peels has, put so much sugar in a saucepan util it crystallizes,. then put orange peel in sugar and cook until the mass is very dense,. few minutes.
Allow mass to cool
Make balls of cold mass and roll in crystal sugar. It is slightly sticky, but it's worth.



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