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Sweet Potato Dog Treats at the store are pretty pricey. I figured out how to make homemade dog treats with sweet potatoes and our cheap dehydrator.

I'm also going to make a video using a box fan, based on the Alton Brown method from Good Eats. We were lucky to buy a dehydrator at a garage sale for $5, but many people have asked me how one could do this without buying a dehydrator.

I'm thinking if you oven has a real low temp setting - 200 or lower, you can try this in the oven, a convection is ideal. I have not tried this, but please let me know if you do.

We found this dog biscuit recipe works best when you spray the potato slices with a small amount of vegetable oil. Use a can of veg oil spray, it works best. Don't soak the dog biscuits in oil.

You could also use a brush to lightly apply oil to the sweet potato slices, but keep in mind a lot goes a long way.

We have some other dog treat recipes and videos on our site, GardenFork.TV

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    3 years ago

    oops that sneaky spellchecker changed DEHY into deny!


    3 years ago

    almost all canola is gmo, plus aerosol for your babies? minimize any chemicals wherever you can; i bake the potatoes and slice into spears, then dehydrate the spears into a jerky like consistency, still has moisture, and store them in a glass jar. Rave reviews from the critters. Sometimes deny veggies can pierce the intestines, they are very sharp. This is avoided by baking first but I know more work. No need for oil at all. Oil at baking temps basically = fried and creates unhealthy acrylimides we should try to minimize. Its that nice browning that tastes so good but is toxic and cumulative, free radicals. Don't mean to be Debbie Downer. I love your videos, you, your videographer and your projects. Da best!


    3 years ago

    I have made these in the oven. You are correct, put the oven on a low temp for a very, very long time. My Golden Retriever LOVED them1