Sweet Pumpkin

1/2 kilogram pumpkin
1/2 cup sugar
3 tablespoon flour
2 cups milk
2 tablespoon butter or ghee
1 teaspoon vanilla or rose essens


Step 1:

Cut the pumpkin to small cubes

Step 2:

Put it in a pan

Step 3:

Add sugar over the pumpkin

Step 4:

Put the pan over low heat

Step 5:

Let it boil ( about 20 min)

Step 6:

In another pan put the flour and ghee together over the heat

Step 7:

Let them cook

Step 8:

Add milk, vanilla , som sugar to the flour and ghee over heat and mix them well with a hand mixer

Step 9:

When the pumpkin is done divid it to half

Step 10:

In a glass pan put the 1/2 pumpkin

Step 11:

Add coconut, walnuts, almond, raisins

Step 12:

Put the other half of pumpkin

Step 13:

Pure the mixed milk over the pumpkin

Step 14:

Put it in the oven and let the top heat on only

Step 15:

When the surface is done like a picture remove it from the oven
And let it cool.



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