Sweet Rocket

Introduction: Sweet Rocket

Today you are going to learn how to build a rocket engine for your home made rocket!

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Step 1: Grab Some Materials

Your going to need some:

Table Sugar
Potassium Nitrate (KNO3) found in Spectracide Stump Remover 100% KNO3
Corn Syrup
Printer Paper
Bleach (Clorox)
Steel Wool
5 Solo cups (1 extra)
An electric drill
string (cotton)

Step 2: Now Make the Engine Case!

Take (1)  8" by 11" piece of printer paper and cut it into 1/4ths

Roll one of the pieces so that the paper overlaps 3 times at the edges.

Roll another piece over the rolled peice so that it is snug.

Tape the heck out of it. (3 pieces should do)

Grab some modeling clay and insert a fingertip sized piece into one end of the paper (make sure there is some overflow.)

Wait for that to dry and you're rollin'!

Step 3: Make the Good Stuff


Rust is a great oxidizer which will add hundreds of feet to your launch!
To make rust.

Pour a 50/50 solution of Vinegar and Clorox Bleach into a solo cup (fill the solo cup to 3/4.)

Put that steel wool in there and wait for a couple days

and you've got a ton of rust!

(make sure you have the rust before you cook the fuel.)

WARNING: Do not allow children to drink, eat, or touch the solution. Chemical burns and throat disintegration will occur if not taken seriously.

Step 4: Make the REALLY Good Stuff

For a 50g solution:
Get 12g of sugar!
33g of some kick-butt KNO3
5g of some sweet corn syrup!
50ml of plane ol' water

Get that skillet cookin' at 300 degrees!




Pour all of that in at once (carefully) and start stirring immediately!

Got that rust? Good.

Add 5 grams of that awesome sauce

Don't stop yet! wait until that water is outta there (should be around 1-2 minutes)

Step 5: Build the Engine!

That mess is going to harden in about 30 seconds so you're going to have to get that into the engine quickly. (CONTENTS ARE REALLY HOT)

use some sort of science stick to cram it in there (no air bubbles!)

Fill the engine all the way to the top.(this is going to be awesome)

Step 6: Make a Fuse!

Take about 3 inches of cotton string.

embed that cool cat into the same mixture for the fuel.

wait for it to dry.

that's it.

Step 7: Top It Off

Drill, Baby, Drill!

drill a hole into the clay until you reach the hardened fuel (do this slowly so that the clay doesn't chip and the fuel doesn't ignite)

Put that string into the hole. 

Step 8: That Engine Is Ready to Go, Comrade.

WARNING: Learn from my engineering class's mistakes

Launch rocket away from million dollar houses.

Launch rocket away from million dollar cars.

Launch rocket away from old school chapel with expensive windows.

Do not launch rocket into your friends face

Do not eat the fuel.

Be safe.

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