Sweet and Salty Ice Cream Sandwiches




Introduction: Sweet and Salty Ice Cream Sandwiches

My niece and I invented a new ice cream sandwich that combines our favorite snacks into one unbelievably tasty dessert treat.  It is easy to make but requires several steps and a quick pace to avoid melting the ice cream.

1.5 Quart container vanilla ice cream (Didn't it used to be 1/2 gallon?) 
1/2 cup natural peanut butter
about 24 Graham crackers split into halves
one bag of mini m&ms

Step 1:
Empty the ice cream into a large bowl
Step 2:
Add peanut butter stirring and swirling into ice cream quickly
Step 3:
Put a heaping soup spoon sized heap of the ice cream onto the graham cracker halves.
Step 4:
Top each with the other half graham cracker, pressing lightly.
Step 5:
Freeze for about an hour on a cookie sheet 
Step 6:
Remove from freezer and dip each sandwich into mini m&ms, pressing them into ice cream to coat all sides
Step 7:
Return to cookie sheet and freeze till set.
Step 8:
Enjoy! and try to save some for others!

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