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Introduction: Sweet and Savory Pizza Cookies!

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I baked these for the pizza contest. An interesting twist on yummy pizza, sweet and savory cookies. So if you like the idea of dinner and dessert served up in the same box then here is how you go about making these tastey pizza cookies!

What you'll need
oz= ounces

For the savory pizza cookies;
4oz plain flour
2oz butter
2oz grated cheese
1egg yoke
Sundried tomatoes

For the Sweet pizza cookies;
4oz butter
4oz sugar
8oz flour
1-1.5 tsp of mixed spice
a little egg or milk to glaze
glazed cherries
red, yellow and green writable icing
dark chocolate chips
350g of milk chocolate

Step 1: Getting Started

First let's make the mixture for the sweet cookie. Well' bake this set of cookies first as they take longer in the oven.
1) Pre-heat oven to 325- 350/ Gas mark 3

2) Weigh out 4oz of butter or margarine and 4oz of white sugar
3) Put the two ingredients into a bowl and cream them together with a spoon, this will only take a minute to do. Try to achieve a nice cream texture without lumps, like on the photo.
4) After you've done this weigh out 8oz of plain flour and if you like add a tsp of mixed spice. It makes it taste festive.
5) Knead them together into a dough with the creamed butter and sugar.

Step 2: Turning Dough Into Pizzas

Put your dough onto a flat surface and roll it out. Then get a regular round pastry cutter and press into the dough to make your pizza bases.
Afterwards place them down onto a greased baking tray, or a baking tray with grease proof paper.

Step 3: Just Before You Bake

Get your left over cookie dough and brake off small pieces. Roll them into snake shapes and put them onto your pizza bases to create little pizza crusts. Then lightly coat your pizza cookies with milk or egg to give them some strength and gloss.
Then put them in the oven for 15-20 mins. 325-350, or gas mark 3.

Step 4: Watch Out

Keep an eye on them in the oven. They will expand. They will be finished when they come out a nice golden colour.
They can burn easily.

Step 5: Coming Out

When the cookies are done take them out of the oven and let them cool a moment before you put them onto a cold plate. When they first come out they will be a little soft. They will harden up, but will retain a moist consistancy yum yum!

Step 6: Decoration 1

You're going to put chocolate on these cookies, so when the cookies are cool enough take some icing and draw around the inside of the fake crust. This will act as a barrier which will help a little when you put the hot chocolate on.

Step 7: Decoration 2

Break up your yummy 350g of chocolate, use what ever kind of chocolate you like best and put it in s glass bowl. Put water into a saucepan and boil it, gently putting the glass bowl into the pan. The chocolate will melt as you stir it, doing it this way and not in the microwave will ensure that it doesn't get they nasty clumpy black chocolate burn.
Afterwards bring your cookies to the stove and carefully spoon the melted chocolate onto the cookies, there will be spills and over runs, and you will be eating the chocolate, its irresitable. Afterwards put the cookies in the fridge for a few minutes to allow the chocolate to set hard.

Step 8: Finishing the Sweet Cookies

While the chocolate sets in the fridge chop up your glazed cherries and get out your chocolate chips.
Take the cookies from the fridge then put some yellow icing onto the chocolate. This looks like cheese and it also makes the cherries and chocolate drops stick to the cookie. Then take some green icing and make little drops over it, these are your green peppers.
Put them back in the fridge for a few minutes more. The icing will set and the cookies will come out yummy and intact.
Enjoy your sweet pizza cookies, now lets move onto the savory cookies.

Step 9: The Savory Pizza Cookies

Now because these are savory cookies I made them with a cheese straw pastry base.
So first of all you have to make the pastry.
1) weigh out 4oz of plain flour and 2oz of butter.
2) Add as much basil as you desire and a pinch of salt.
3) Put them together in a bowl and rub in the butter to the flour and basil. This will produce a bread crum appearence as shown in the picture.
4) Grate 2oz of cheese and add it to the mixture.
5) Add one egg yoke.
6) Mix them together and knead it into a dough ball.

Step 10: Making the Shape

Do the same as you did with the sweet version.
Roll out the pastry.
Cut out circles
Add crusts around the edges by making snakes out of the left over clay.
This time however add some chopped sundried tomatoes to the top of the pizza biscuits.
Put them in the oven at 425- 450 F or gas mark 6-7
They should only take 10-12 minutes to cook.
Remember to grease your tray first.

Step 11: Removing Them

They, like the sweet cookies will gain a slightly golden appearence not as gold as the sweet cookies however. Allow them to cool and they should slide off the tray easily.

Step 12: ENJOY

Once cool enjoy your sweet and savory cookies. Make them look super cute in a pizza box or basket. Fun and easy to make, fun and easy to eat!!!!
I hope you all like this recipie.
Have fun!

Finalist in the
Pizza Contest

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