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Introduction: Sweet Fondant Bouquet

Hi there,
This instructable shows my new hobby - sugarcraft. Fondant is a creamy confection used as a filling or coating for cakes, pastries, and candies or sweets. There are many recipes for fondant and you can even buy it mixed, colored and ready to make whatever your imagination tells you. In my case i made it myself follwig a recipe i found in the internet:


 1 pack of gelatine powder
 120 gr glucose
 1 soup spoon glycerine
 1/2 soup spoon citric acid
 1 kg powdered sugar

In 60 ml boiling water you add the gelatine until it dissolves. Than add glucose, glycerine and citric acid. In the end you add the powdered sugar in small doses until it forms a smooth dough. 
This quantity it's more than enough for the bouquet but you ca always make cookies, cakes... 
So enjoy my instructable and i hope you like it!

I made the bouquet with two types of flowers - roses and callas. They are my favorite ones. 
The coloring depends on you. I used yollow dry paint for cookies for the roses, but you can find all different types of paint.

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

I began my list with few things but in the process i had to gather a lot of maybe small but important stuff. 
Here are the most of the tools and materials i used, you can find other in the pictures below, but i'm sure you won't need special explenation how did i used them.

- fondant - the most important thing
- sugar
- bamboo skewers
- a wicker basket 
- white tulle
- a piece of styrofoam 
- purple ribbon


- scissirs
- rolling pin
- brush
- heart cutter

Step 2: Callas

Callas are made of a small ball of yellow fondant, shaped lika a drop. I thread this drop with a skewer and roll it in cristal sugar. In  case it doesn't stick you can wet it with water. This acts like a glue in the sugarcraft. You can see i used this method when finish a flower.
The white part is made by fondant spreaded with a rolling pin and than cutted with a heart shaped cutter. The size you can judge from th size of the "drop". Than twist the heart arround the drop and its ready. 
The fondant is very soft when is fresh made and after you make the flower you have to let it dry up at least overnight.

Step 3: Roses

Roses are made only from yellow fondant. You spread one small piece of fondant to four balls. The sizes are very individual so i can't say that much or that amount. You do it how you think will look good. 
It's time to use the rolling pin again making 3 thin circles and one oval. First you twist the oval arround the one end making a spiral. bigger the piece - bigger the spiral. Than add the circles, overlapping each one of them.
Stick the skewer and let it dry.

Step 4: Arranging the Bouquet

When all the flowers dry up you can start to arrange them in to the basket. I first cutt the piece so it fits inside over the tulle - again with the wanted shape. And than i started stabing the styrofoam with the flowers. 

After i did it all i cut small pieces of ribbon and put them arround the roses and one big on the basket's handle.

Step 5: A Review

I hope you enjoyed my instructable!

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    Very pretty! Thanks for sharing your hard work and do have a splendorous day!