Sweet Orange Turtle Bread




Introduction: Sweet Orange Turtle Bread

This is a funny bread full of healty ingredients like carrot, banana, pumpkin and orange. Don't tell children!

You will need:
Yellow and orange things like half a banana, a little piece of pumpkin (precooked or canned version), 1 carrot, the juice of half an orange or a tangerin and so on.. I used all of those ingredients!


200g 0 flour


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Step 1: Mix!

use the mixer for amalgamate the fresh ingredients

melt the yeast in orange/tangerine juice

add all to the flour, add sugar and work the dough for some time till you can do a thick ball

let it rest for 2 hours (sooner or later I will find the instant yeast)

Step 2: The Turtle's Secret

Now the dough has dobled.

Preheat the oven to 220°C (430 F)

Work the dough again for a while and then split it in 7 pieces:

1) the shell (pic 2), the biggest one
2) the head 
3-6) feet & legs are smaller than the head and quite similar to each other
7) the body and the tail are smaller than 3-6

Let's work the pieces 2-7 as shown in the pic 1. 
The head is spherical,
3-6 assume a cylinder shape with a rounded end,
the body is long
Piece number 1 is hemispherical.

Add the shell (1) to the body, stick them togheter.

Now shape the turtle, yuo can do it like in the pic 2!
The eyes are made of cloves
With a knife you can cut the mouth, keep in open with a piece of aluminium foil
the paw are made cutting the end of 3-6
the tail is a part of the body (7)
and you can add decorations to the shell

Step 3: Bake It!

Bake it immediately for 20 min till golden brown


It remains quitesoft for 2 days

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    2 Discussions

    How cute! So with all of those different ingredients in it, what would you say the bread tastes like?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you Penolopy!
    I love the taste, it's fresh and I can find a little of every ingredients in it.