Sweet Potato Hash Browns

Introduction: Sweet Potato Hash Browns

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A while ago I was at my parents house and they had a ton of sweet potatoes that they didn't know what to do with, so I decided to make sweet potato latkes. Potato latkes are flat cakes from parts of Europe and the Middle East made from shredded potatoes and flavored with onions and spices. I grew up eating them during Hanukkah but they are delicious all year round! I love sweet potato fries, so I figured sweet potato pancakes would be basically the same as regular potato pancakes and would taste like sweet potato fries!

Well, it didn't exactly go as planned. Read on to see how I failed at making sweet potato latkes!

Step 1: Ingredients

Here's what I used because it's what I had in the house and it's what I would have used if I were to be making regular potato latkes.

  • three large sweet potatoes
  • an onion
  • 2 eggs
  • some flour

Step 2: Shred It Up!

Shred up the sweet potatoes. You can peel the potatoes before shredding them if you really, really hate potato skin, but I don't mind it.

I chopped up the onion and mixed it in.

Step 3: Beat It Up!

I beat up the eggs separately.

Step 4: Mix It Up!

I added the eggs and some flour to the sweet potatoes and onions and mixed it together with a spatula.

Step 5: Fry It Up! (?)

I scooped some shredded sweet potato mixture into the pan, hopeful to have a delicious sweet potato pancakes in a few minutes. Unfortunately, sweet potatoes don't really work the same way as regular potatoes, it turns out. The potatoes didn't stick together at all, even when I added more eggs and flour, it didn't help. I ended up with sweet potato hash browns, which were still delicious!

I haven't given up on my dream of sweet potato latkes, but for now, I'll enjoy this delicious failure.



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    Anything made from sweet potatos is good but this looks pretty tasty!

    you could try squeezin out your potatoe shreds and make sure the pan is quite hot to enable crust. This is difficult as you might burn everything, but the trick while cookin with a pan: if you use too low heat, things rather get boiled, but not crusty.

    if it's sweet anyways, you could try doin this vegan by addin bananas instead of eggs (1:1). Afaik, this can be done for vegan waffles.

    I'm going to go out on a limb here and make a guess that the main reason they didn't bind is the use of gluten-free flour. It is great for coating, absorbing, browning, and solidifying things, but it isn't very good at binding and providing structure. No gluten equals no protein elastomers to hold the thing loosely but securely together (that's why gluten-free cookies without an added binding agent tend to be brick-like or overly crumbly instead of moist and chewy. Maybe). Same goes for the starch in the sweet potatoes... there isn't any. Well, not much anyway. Egg is obviously a good binder but I suspect it just couldn't do the job all on its own. As a result, the flour will very nicely coat the shredded sweet potato, soak up the egg, brown up beautifully, and make amazing hash browns but will never actually adhere to itself enough to form a pancake.

    So with that theory put out for all to evaluate, I'm going to go make me some breakfast right now: hash browns à la Danger.

    This looks good enough to try, as is, for dinner tonight! Sweet potato skins contain a great amount of antioxidants, so your idea of shredding them in is the best one nutritionally.

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    Made it, and by chopping the onions finer and adding another egg, it held together better. Delicious!

    Funny, I tried the same thing recently. Normally we are vegans but on a whim we had a dozen eggs in the fridge. I used 2 I think. It would never occur to me to add more eggs to anything ever. :-)

    I had the same result - a mass of hot tasty food in a pile. All's well, just don't tell the customer (wife) what it was supposed to be.

    Next time I will adopt the name "hash browns" and leave the eggs out and probably put in some ground flax seed instead.

    BTW we have had a zillion winter squash this year and I have found recipes that want sweet potatoes can usually use squash in the same way.

    Except... don't leave the skin on the squash. :-)

    This looks very much like my normal everyday cooking. Still, it deserves a vote.

    I'd still eat this. Yum! :D

    not enough starch i'd recon... digging the idea of sweet potato hash though. Good job