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Introduction: Sweetheart Bracelet

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Hi! LambyAngel is back! Since it's near Valentines Day, I'm going to teach you how to do RainbowLoom bracelets you can give to your family, friends, etc. Today I will be teaching you the "Sweetheart Bracelet". (Not my design). You may also find it in the RainbowLoom Loomatic Guide Book. Have fun!

Difficulty: Intermediate

Step 1: Materials

For the "Sweetheart Bracelet", you will need these materials:

1) Loom bands
2) RainbowLoom kit
3) Rainbow Loom hook (metal is better)
4) c-clip/s-clip

That's all you will need! Let's get started!

Step 2: Placing the Bands

Put your loom to a rectangular formation then make sure the arrow is facing outwards, not toward you. Then you take your first color (burgundy) and place it from the first middle peg to the first left peg. Do the same with the right. Then get your 2nd color (pink) and place it from the first left peg to the 2nd middle peg. Do the same with the right. Then get your third color (red) and put it from the middle first peg forward. Do this 11 more times or until you fill the whole loom. Make sure to follow the pattern! Then when you're done with filling the whole loom, put a 3rd color cap band on the last middle peg.

Step 3: Looping the Bands

Flip the loom around so that the arrow is facing towards you. Then get your hook. Go through the capping band and loop the top band forward. Go through the capping band and get the 1st pink band and loop it to the left do the same with the right. Then loop the left burgundy band to the middle. Same with the right burgundy band. Do this again and again and again until you're done. Then tie it off! Add extensions if needed



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    Thank you MsSweetSatisfaction!

    The bracelet is so cute! I love the colors you chose and I can definitely see all the heart shapes!