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Introduction: Swim Noodle Raft

I decided to make a raft out of Swim Noodles.  I chose 6 varied color 3-1/2" X 4-1/2' Swim Noodles sold at various stores.  You could use more if desired.  I tied 2 noodles together with nylon zip ties spacing 4 ties along the length of the noodles.  I had 12" zip ties on hand so I needed to connect 2 ties together to get the length I needed. You could use just one 2' zip tie at each location.  After I loosely bound the pair of noodles together, I turned the zip ties inside out, tightened them, and cut them off flush with nail clippers or wire cutters so that any sharp edges would be facing toward the noodle.  I found with fingernail clippers I could cut the ends of the zip ties so no sharp edges existed.  Make 3 pairs of noodles, then hook the pairs together to complete the raft.

This raft should be inspected for sharp edges before use.  It should only be used by people who can swim, as it can tip over like any pool raft. Builder is responsible for insuring the device is safe for it's intended purpose.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    What a clever idea...and so so cheap. I have bought Noodles for $1.00 ea. So for about 6 bucks one could have a raft.....very cool.