Swimming Goggles Charm

Introduction: Swimming Goggles Charm

this swimming goggles charm is really easy to make,because one of my friends goes swimming they gave me the idea to make swimming goggles you do not have to make the outside of the goggles tie dye you can do it any colour.

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Step 1: Step 1: Starting to Make the First Goggle

first for the slip knot at the end we are going to use one band from the red arrow going forwards one,then for the rest of this whole project we are going to be making the goggles in pairs of two. So copy the picture remember to go to the right first.

Step 2: Step 2:still Making the First Goggle

once you have done the same thing but going to the left,still taking two bands change the colour for the middle of the goggle and starting at the top go down to the bottom like the picture. With two bands from the end of the first goggle go forward one like the picture.

Step 3: Step 3:repeating and Cap Band

Next repeat step 1 then you should have two goggles to finish placing the bands take one band and twist it 4 times at the end of the second goggle.

Step 4: Step 4: the Hooking Stage

now starting at the bottom put your hook in the middle of the peg and pull up the first two bands then keep on hooking till you get you'd goggles looking like this in the picture.

Step 5: Step 5: the Slip Knot

take the bottom band from the outside and bring it up and over the peg and there is your slip knot.

Step 6: Step 6: the Fun Part

this part of the project is really easy just carefully peel the goggles of the loom, your goggles should look like this.

I hope you have enjoyed making the swimming goggles charm I have loads of other loom charms and charms without the loom for you to make so you can look at those. Please comment on how you did on making this charm and send me pictures of your finished swimming goggles charm and you can tell me if I need to explain another step again to you. So hope enjoyed making this charm!

Bye see you soon!

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    8 Discussions

    Rainbow star
    Rainbow star

    5 years ago on Introduction

    Do you mean can you do a hexafish bracelet on the design or separately

    peach girl
    peach girl

    5 years ago

    love the Idea but can you make a hexafish bracelet


    5 years ago

    Just a suggestion: but you could do something really cool, don't do the white part in the middle, if u don't it would look like reading glasses. Just add sides that u put to your ears part. I don't know what it's called lol


    5 years ago

    Cool! I did them into sunglasses instead. I made it all black and added sides ( the part that you put on your ears.) thx