Portable & Easy to Use Swing.

Introduction: Portable & Easy to Use Swing.

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How to make your own portable swing.

The design challenge was to make a handy, portable and easy to use swing. The result is a simple design that includes a couple of innovative elements. The length of the swing is adjustable to several branches and the used materials are well considered.

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Step 1: What Do We Need.


- wooden shelves | multiplex, poplar, 6mm
- rope | length 10m ø10mm
- wooden bar | ø22mm
- mepla (geberit) tube | ø50mm
- screws | length +/- 50mm
- adhesive tape | red


- bench fice
- saw
- constructive glue D4
- sandpaper
- file
- metre
- wood drill
- lasercutter

Step 2: MAKE the Swing | Part 1

- Saw the attached forms out of the boards multiplex. Because the forms are hard to saw with a regular saw I used a lasercutter in order to create clear curves. (Photo 1 & 2)

- Take the forms, except the upper one, make the surfaces rough and stick them together with construction glue (D4). Beware the holes in the middle are fitting. Let it now all dry for 24 hours under pressure. (Photo 3,4 & 5)

- Then take the screws and fasten them into the upper board, in order to ensure the strength of the swing.
Turn the screws deep enough making sure they're not sticking out of the surface! ( Photo 6)

- Finally stick the last form on top of the swing with the same construction glue (D4). Let it again all dry for 24 hours under prussure. (Photo 7 & 8)

Step 3: MAKE the Swing | Part 2

- Take the wooden stick and saw it to a length of +/- 120mm. Drill a hole with diameter 11mm in the middle of the stick. ( Photo 1 )

- Take the mepla tube and saw a length of +/- 70mm. ( Photo 2 )

- Take the rope and heat the tips to prevent the unravel, then stick some bit red tape at the start and end of the rope. ( Photo 3 )

- Take the rope and sting the stick you just made on it. Move it to +/- 2m from the beginning and make a knot just after the wooden stick. Then we make two knots, one at the beginning and one at the end of the rope. ( Photo 4 )

Step 4: CARRY the Swing

Step 5: ATTACH the Swing

Step 6: SWING the Swing

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Nicely done! I love the clean and tidy design of your swing. Very cool!