How to make easy a swing?

try it!

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Step 1: Materials


- 2 wooden tubes (Ø25, length:340)

- 16m rope

- Cordura cloth 800x300 ( you can do just as well with another strong cloth)

- touch fasteners: crochet side 100mm , loop side 600mm ( = Velcro)


- découpe saw

- drilling machine with a 10 mm drill

- sovereign drill

- stitching-machine

Step 2: Prepare the Tubes

First you drill a hole 15mm of the side, do this on both sides.Then you saw with a découpe saw a Groove on one side of the tube up to the hole. This Groove is also 10 mm wide. To ensure that the rope won't slips out, you make at the back of the tube a sovereign who is deep enough.

Step 3: Prepare the Seat

As material for the seat, I use Corbura (7 x strong than cotton and 2 x stronger than nylon).

You may as well use a different strong cloth.

First you start with the ends 100 mm to folds so that the pipes fit in there. you're going there a number of times over with the sewing machine so that these connections certainly not cracks. then you go with the sewing machine zigzag over the bottom, this has a great strength to the bottom. Finally, we stitch the velcro on the back.

Step 4: Assembling the Swing

Now we connect the rope to the tubes, as shown in the first picture. then get at the end of that rope knots (depends on the height of the tree).

Step 5: Have Fun!

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