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Introduction: Swing Arm Wall Sconce

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I guess you could say I'm truly a DIY addict. When I walk into furniture stores, all I can think to myself is not what I would like to purchase, no. Instead, all I can think about is how I could make what I see myself. And not even because I need one, but just because I can.

Inevitably, the last time I went into CB2, I couldn't take my eye off their swing arm wall sconce. So I took my inspiration to the hardware store and decided I would make a similar wall lamp using nothing but big box store materials.

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Step 1: Tools & Materials



Step 2: Dowel Parts

Cut 3 pieces of dowel at 3 inches long.

  1. Find the half way mark and drill through, cutting it in half, using a7/8 Forstner bit. On the ends you just drilled through, make a pilot hole in the center using a 1/4 inch Forstner bit or drill bit.
  2. I made a simple jig for my drill press by making a hole in a 2x3 using a 7/8 Forstner bit. Place a 3-inch dowel into the jig. Drill dead center into the end using a 5/8 Forstner bit, going down 3/8 of an inch (tip: it’s the thickness of bit). Flip the dowel over and do the same on the other end.
  3. Repeat step 2 above then, keeping the dowel in the jig, drill a hole all the way through the center using a 3/8 drill bit.

Cut the dowels from step 2 & 3 about 1 inch from the end. You’ll end up with two 2-inch and two 1-inch pieces. Grab the 2-inch pieces and drill a pilot hole on the side using a 1/4 inch Forstner bit. Assemble the dowels with pilot holes using 1/4 inch dowel pins and some glue. Clamp and let dry.

Step 3: PVC Parts

Cut a length of PVC pipe at 2 feet. You can use a hack saw or miter saw, whatever.

Lightly sand the PVC pipe, tee and elbow using 220-grit to help the paint adhere. Then wipe down all the PVC parts with rubbing alcohol.

Step 4: Other Parts

Cut 2 pieces of copper pipe at 3/4 inch using a pipe cutter.

Cut wood plaque to 5 x 9 inches or desired size. I also used my router with a decorative bit to put a style on the edges.

Step 5: Paint

Spray all the pieces (don't forget the copper pipes like I did!) with 2 coats spray paint. I chose flat black. You could also do a combo by staining the wood pieces and painting the PVC.

Step 6: Assembly

Lay all the pieces in order as per the layout above. Then thread your lamp wire through before pushing all the pieces together. The great thing about the plug-in pendant light I'm using, is that you don't need to do any wiring. The socket cap just slips off and snaps back on again.

Lastly, mark some pilot holes in the wood plaque, then screw in the dowels from the back. It’s also a good idea to make some pilot holes for mounting on the wall, or you can mount the plaque using a keyhole slot like I did. Check out this simple jig to make keyhole slots.


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