Swing Out Drill Press Holder

Introduction: Swing Out Drill Press Holder

This is a shop adaptation that allows you to drill long objects. I want to be able to drill holes along 10' to 12' boards to hold glazing supports for greenhouses. I needed to either change the location of my drill press or change the way I use my drill press. I found a way to put my drill press on a rotating stand that allowed me to drill these long boards.

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Step 1: Why a Swing Out Drill Press?

My drill press is located against a wall next a door way. I was unable to drill items that were longer than 39 inches. To drill longer pieces, I needed to move the drill press. In order to accommodate longer pieces and avoid the hassle of moving the drill press that weighs about 250 pounds, I made holder that could be rotated into the doorway permitting the drilling of pieces more that 8 feet long. I used the following steel salvaged from a scrap metal yard.


  • 38" of 1 ¼ heavy wall pipe
  • 36" of 1 ½ black pipe
  • 12" x 16" x 1/3 metal plate for bench
  • 6” x 15” diagonally cut 3/8 metal for brace
  • 38” of 2’ x 2’ angle iron
  • 12' by 2"x4" board

Tools used

  • welder
  • metal band saw

Step 2: Building the Wall Attachment and Pivot Point

Drill 3/8” holes at 6” intervals on both sides of the angle iron. Cut the 1 ½ pipe into 2 @ 2” sections and two at 8” and one at 16”. Thread the 1 ¼ pipe into the 1 ½ pipe in the following order 8”, then 2”, 16”, 8”, 2”. Weld the bottom 8” section on the bottom edge of the angle iron. Align so the 1 ¼ pipe ailing with the angle iron. Weld the top 8” section two inches from the top of the angle iron. Weld the 2” section on the top of the 1¼ section. This will stop it from falling through the larger pipe. Weld the other 2” section to the 1 ¼ pipe so that it rests on the bottom 8” section.

Step 3: Platform for the Drill Press

Now weld the diagonal brace on the 16” section. This bracket will support the shelf that holds the drill press. Weld the shelf so that the corner of the shelf is next to the pipe. Using ¼ by 3” lag bolts, fasten the bracket to the door studs from both sides. Make sure the shelf is located at a level the makes the drill press easy to use.

Step 4: Drilling Long Objects

I then attached a 2x4x12' board to the drill press table to add support to the longer boards I was drilling. Now I was able to drill holes for the cold frame and greenhouse supports I wanted to use in my garden.

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