Swing Set, "A" Frame

Introduction: Swing Set, "A" Frame

A salvaged section of a TV antenna tower, made this swing possible. The design of the metal tower makes a strong light weight beam, suitable for 3 kids. Also, I have used the structure to load heavy materials onto a pickup. This project took 2 weekends to build.

Step 1: Materials and Construction

Materials & rental equipment

  • 16' tower section
  • 4 pcs 4"x4"x10' pressure treated
  • 4 pcs deck anchors
  • 4 pcs 8"x4' Sonotubes
  • 4 pcs 1-1/4" conduit clamps
  • concrete, studs and screws
  • 2 person post hole auger

To layout the anchor location. I did a dry fit of the structure, determining the compound angles by points of attachment to the beam and stability of legs opposing each other. The 48" deep anchor holes were drilled in a square 70"x217" on center. The sonotubes installed then levelled with a water level. The concrete mixed in the wheelbarrow, standard ratio. Filled the tubes and set the deck anchors to match the angles.

Step 2: Fit & Finish

To attach the legs to the beam. I cut the top of each post to match the angle of the top pipe. Drilled a receiver channel and secured the lower pipe with the conduit clamp. The lowest point of the beam is 8-1/2' off the ground.

The total cost was under $100 plus the rental of the auger, I already had the tower.

I stained it red when I built it 12 years ago. looking at it now, I should have left it natural.

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    This is an awesome upcycle, especially since it's on a phone tower, I don't even know what I would do with one of those! Thanks for sharing!