Swing for a Parrot

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Fun for your favorite parrot.

Step 1:

Fun for your favorite parrot. It is known that parrots love to ride on a swing in a cage. The idea is to create a swing for a parrot with a mechanism.So far a theoretical idea of the experiment has not yet existed. Born in captivity in the wild may die

Step 2:

Clock mechanism with pendulum for swing.

Step 3:

For mechanized swing, we need: mechanism for watches with a pendulum (it is cheap), mini button to turn on and off, two small pieces of wire with a diameter as in the mechanism, metal or plastic suspension. Tools: screwdriver, soldering iron and glue gun or reliable glue. 1) We disassemble the mechanism with a screwdriver and find the wire going to the battery with a plus sign. 2) Cut the wire and add the pieces of the wire so much that you can solder to the power button and it is enough to fasten the button on the mechanism case. Solder the tip to the button and isolate the elongation points with tape or a special tube. The power button sticking to the mechanism housing. Now our mechanism can turn on and off.

Step 4:

3) With the aid of a glue gun or good glue to the body of the mechanism we attach the suspension. The suspension will allow you to place the swing anywhere in the house. 4) The most difficult mechanism is to fasten the cage; there is no instruction here, since the cages have different shapes and tilt angles , therefore, by showing a little imagination from the tools at hand and the glue gun, you can fix the swing mechanism on the cage. Such a swing with a pendulum mechanism can be placed both in a cage and everywhere in the house and will delig ht your beloved parrot.

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