Swinging Bed Out of Pallets


Introduction: Swinging Bed Out of Pallets

making a swinging bed from pallets and a few other things

Step 1: I Had a Head Board

assemble needs
head board
screws of various lengths
thirty feet of your favorite chain
drill bits
6 eye screws
6 jump links

Step 2: Clean All Your Materials

use a scrub brush

Step 3: Strengthen the Head Board

I used screws both as spacers and as fasteners

Step 4: Build a Frame/base

I drilled holes slightly smaller than the eye screws. then, I put the eye screws in the ends frame wood. I used the larger pieces of wood for the frame. then I put pool noodles on the chain then used the jump links to join the eye screws to the chain. I saved on eye screws by making a focal point at each end of the bed by using only one eye screw in the ceiling. that's where I used a jump link to attach the chain.

Step 5: Laying the Bed

added two by fours from left side to right side. the base is solid two by fours from the pallets. then laid the thin boards from the pallets crossways from head board to foot.

Step 6: I Covered It With Bed Skirts

this adds the female touch

Step 7: Add a Mattress




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