Swinging Frogs

Introduction: Swinging Frogs

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These swinging frogs, part of Froggy World amusement park, are made from 3d printed parts and a Jameco gear motor.

Parts and design files at:


Motor is:  Jameco Part no. 2128219  (Jameco.com)

This is powered by one D cell battery.

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Step 1:

The Jameco motor will slide into the slot on this base--just solder two small wires to the motor before you insert it.

Step 2:

Insert the motor in the base and push the cross beam onto the motor shaft.  All parts should friction fit.

Step 3:

Print two seats and drill 1/16 inch holes for fishing line "ropes."

Step 4:

Drill holes in the top rod to match the holes in the seats.

Step 5:

Secure the seats with fishing line.

Step 6:

Glue the frogs in their seats--no seat belts here!

Step 7:

Apply 1.5 volts (one D cell) to the motor and the frogs will swing.  Put 3 volts on and they will move so fast that you can't see the individual frogs.

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