Swinging Swirl Cat Toy

Introduction: Swinging Swirl Cat Toy

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This is a swirl toy which can make cats busy as they going to figure out where it will end ,it's a simple and easy task to make without any heavy tools ,if you want to see it in action please check out the video and vote for this instructable :)

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Step 1: Tools and Supplies

Drill machine and Screw Driver
Inch tape

Zip ties





T scale




1.5 inches thick wood piece of 12 inches

2 inch wood piece of 12 inches



Step 2: Make a Pillar

Take out the center dimension and drill three holes in it and tighten the wood piece from other side by screws.

Put the other wood piece on top of it and tighten it with screws.

Put a screw on the edge of wood piece from downside to upside so the toy can hang on it.

Step 3: Making Twirl

Mark on each inches from 7 to 1 , cut them out and will have 2 sets of 1 to 7 inches pieces,join them together by the glue twist the next piece a little so it just connect the previous piece to give it a turning illusion.

After glue dry drive a screw on top of it and tie it with thread and the other part on the wood screw.

The twirl toy for pets is ready if you want to see it in action please watch the video and vote for this instructable.

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