Swinging Alone




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I made this piece of house decoration a couple of months ago.I have modified it a bit now and added another person in and it looks far better than the pictures now,I would like to share pictures of the modified version which I have right now,but my camera's broken and is currently under repair.So.....
The pictures will show you how the piece of interior decoration was made.After the piece is finished ,you can put it in a transparent block of glass or plastic and it will look great.The materials I used for this project is cardboard for the swing and the base,some clay for the boy(took a bit of time), and some sparklers(hand held fireworks).I enjoyed the fireworks while they lasted and then I removed all the grey burnt stuff on them and then used the metal rod inside for the support.So this can be called a recycled project as well because I use burnt fireworks,cardboard carton which I got from a shop and they were about to throw it away.



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    Fantastic.This is awesome.Its a perfect piece of decoration(never mind a sludge mark on the base