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Another swirly wire jewelry!

All I want to say is that 'swirl addiction' is quite dangerous! you can't stop swirlin' around once you start :p

Follow this ible to find out how I made these cute swirl-wrapped wire ring :)

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make this ring you'll need:

1) Crafting wire- 18-20 gauge,
2) Pearl Bead - usual size,
3) Mandrel,
4) Crafting pliers.

Step 2: Getting Started

Cut out 60 cm of crafting wire, but I think it's better if you cut a longer piece as you wont be able to add extra wire if necessary,

Thread the bead into the wire and fix its position right in the center of the wire,

Step 3: Basic Wrapping

Now that you've threaded the bead into the wire hold the wire around the mandrel by keeping the bead in the center,

Start by wrapping the wire from one size larger than the actual ring size, I started from 7 cm,

Carefully wrap the wire around the mandrel 2 times,

Now wrap the wire around the bead from both sides in a counter clockwise motion,

Step 4: Making Swirls

Making swirls with wire is fun!

Hold any one end of the wires, near the bead,
Use the looping plier to make a small loop on the wire and circle the wire around that loop 2-3 times to make a swirly pattern,
First swirl complete :)
Now make another loop near the first swirl (keep 2 cm gad between the first swirl and the second loop), circle the wire around that loop to make the second swirl,
Make 2 more or enough swirls to cover half way around the bead.

Similarly make more swirls with the other end of the wire to cover the rest half around the bead.

Step 5: Adjusting the Swirls

When you're done making the swirls on both ends of the wire use the flat plier to flatten the swirls and gently press the swirls with your fingers to adjust them around the bead.

Step 6: Wrapping Both Sides

After adjusting the swirls around the bead carefully coil the remaining wires around both sides of the ring,
Coil the wire around the ring band 3-4 times and trim wire if needed.

Done! use different colored beads but I think these swirls look great if made using copper wire or antique copper wire.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Oh I love these! I think they would match perfectly with the copper version of the earrings you posted yesterday :)

    4 replies

    Thank you Muhaiminah! I'm not as good as all of you with jewelry but I will try! I really want to post a macramè bracelet (that's one of the few things I'm really able to do lol) but it takes some time...hopefully this coming week :)


    5 years ago my ! your work is so neat and perfect..good job muhaiminah.. :D

    1 reply

    5 years ago on Introduction

    Wow, they are gorgeous! The consistuency and neatness is superb.

    Thanks for sharing, I will vote when accepted! :D

    1 reply
    Madame Blue

    5 years ago

    Love the copper wire you chose! A pair of these would make darling stud earrings!

    1 reply