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I was practicing the basics of making wire jewelry when I came up with the idea of making this ring. When I made the first ring it looked sooo cute that couldn't wait to share how I made it. Making swirly patterns with wire is so easy and fun.

This ible will show you how to make many swirls with a single wire and finally turn it into a cute swirly ring!

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make this ring you'll need:

1) Crafting wire- 18-20 gauge,
2) Crafting pliers (looping, cutting, flat plier),
3) Mandrel,
4) Ruler.

Step 2: Making the First Swirl

Hold the wire from one end but don't cut it off from the bundle,
Create the first loop at that end by using the looping plier,
Make another loop by winding the wire in the opposite direction of the previous one, (keep 0.5 cm gap between the loops)
Now wind the wire around that loop (second loop) 2-3 times to make the first swirl,

Step 3: Making More Swirls With a Single Wire

For each swirl you'll have to make a loop first,
After making the first swirl, make another loop near it but wind the wire in the opposite direction of the second loop, (keep 0.5 cm gap between the second swirl and the third loop),
Now simply circle the wire around that loop for 2-3 times,

Basic Tips
*For every swirl you have to make a loop by winding the wire in the opposite direction of the previous loop,
*Keep 0.5 cm gap between every swirl and the loop next to it,
*Circle the wire 2-3 times around the loop to make a swirly pattern.
*Don't circle the wire around the loop more than 3 times, you won't get a smooth round shape for the ring if the swirls are bigger,
*The smaller the swirls the better and rounder the ring.

Step 4: Making the Final Swirl

When you think that you've made enough swirls for the ring hold it straight along a ruler to check if the size is right,
Now cut the wire from the bundle by keeping an inch extra,

Wrap the swirled wire around the mandrel and insert the extra straight wire into the first loop,
Now make a loop at the end of the extra part of the wire and circle the wire around that loop till the wire ends.

Step 5: Completeing the Ring

After you're done making the final swirl, use the flat plier to flatten it with the rest of the swirls,
You may also flatten the other swirls to give them a smooth swirly shape.

Once you get handy with making swirls you can't stop! it's fun, I hope you enjoy making it :)

Have fun!



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    25 Discussions

    Tarun Upadhyaya

    5 years ago

    I remember when you once said you were new to jewelery making, and here you are as an expert. Totally awesome. I am making this one and I will share with you. And seems like you are making excellent use of the prizes you won in jewelry contest last year. :-)


    5 years ago

    These are awesome!!