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This swirly bracelet is quite similar to the swirled-all-around ring that I've made before. But making the bracelet is a lot easier than the ring.

Follow this ible to find out how I made the bracelet ^_^

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make this bracelet you'll need:

  1. Craft wire - 18 gauge,
  2. Craft pliers- looping, cutting and flat nose pliers,
  3. Ruler.

Step 2: Making the Hook

Hold the wire from any one end from the bundle,

Leave 3-4 cm of the wire straight and then bend the wire,

Tighten the bend using the flat nose plier,

Bend the wire again by using the looping plier to create a hook-like pattern,

Now, coil the 1-1.5 cm of the extra straight wire around the longer wire piece.

Step 3: Making the Swirls

Create the first loop near the hook by using the looping plier, keep 0.5-1 cm gap between the hook and the loop.

Circle the wire around that loop 2-3 times to make the first swirl, don't circle the wire more than 3 times otherwise you won't get a smooth round shape for the bracelet.

After completing the first swirl make another loop near it by winding the wire in the opposite direction of the previous loop, keep 1 cm gap between the swirl and the loop,

Now simply circle the wire around that loop for 2-3 times to make another swirl.

Keep repeating the steps until you the bracelet reaches its required length.

Step 4: Measuring

When you'll think that you've made enough swirls for the bracelet hold it straight with a ruler to check if the size is right.

Step 5: Completing the Closure

After measuring the length bracelet cut the wire from the bundle by keeping 3 cm extra on the wire.

Use the looping plier to create a loop with the extra cms' near the last swirl,

After making loop coil the remaining wire below the loop.

Step 6: Completing the Bracelet

Wrap the swirl-chain around any round object that matches your hand size and attach both ends together through the hook and loop.

Use the flat nose plier to flatten the swirls,

You may also press the swirls against the round object to flatten the swirls and give the bracelet a smooth round shape.

Done! Wear it and Enjoy ^_^

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5 years ago on Introduction

Very nice and neat! A great and well set out instructable - the pictures are really clear and easy to follow. :D

Awesome job Muhaiminah!! :-)

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Reply 5 years ago

It's great, but the weather is a bit strange, constant switches between rain and sun

Wow, that sounds exactly the same as back here in Britain:

Rain -> Sunny -> Hail -> Rain....

Hope you have fun anyways :D