Swiss Cheese Candle

Introduction: Swiss Cheese Candle

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Learn how to make a cheese candle! No, no, this candle isn’t edible, but it certainly looks that way!

In this quick and easy DIY, I show you how to make a simple, but cute candle. This DIY melt and pour candle would make for a fantastic gift or keep it for yourself as room decor!

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1 year ago

I've made this candle before when I was a kid and forgot how to do it. We made them for Christmas presents for our families. We did use bees wax but added color using green or red crayons. Any color would work for any season Easter Halloween St Patricks Day etc use the rainbow to decide or at least what's in a pack of crayons


3 years ago

I love this candle soooo much! But I have one question about it, could I use bees wax instead?