Switch Adapted Toys- Basics

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Intro: Switch Adapted Toys- Basics

A basic overview of how to adapt a toy to operate with a communication switch.  Not a lot of specifics, but hopefully a helpful primer before you jump into your first project.  

While the innards of most toys these days have more than just a wire, if you can trace the "activate" button back to the circuit board- those two are the wires to jump

There are two great examples of soldering and switching specific toys below:
           (Hopefully I'll give you an adapting/soldering lesson soon!)

https://www.instructables.com/id/Holiday-Toy-Switch-Adapting/  (Awesome walk-throughs of adapting)

Don't be afraid- Practice on a toy from a garage sale on your first one- you'll do great!



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    Indeed- 2 boys. This seemed easier than an animation- Honestly I'd wanted to do a flannelgraph but don't have one right now!