Switch Adapted Frosty the Snowman

Introduction: Switch Adapted Frosty the Snowman

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This instructable will explain one technique to switch adapt a plush toy for use with a ability switch for kids with disabilities.

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Step 1: Material List

1. Frosty the snowman plush toy that is activated by button in its hand
2. Soldering tool
3. Wire Strippers
4. wire with 1/4 inch female jack
5. solder
6. 2 different color sharpie's
7 Shrinkie wire wrap or electrical tape
8.Hot glue gun or needle and thread

Step 2: Exposing the Wires to the Hand

Carefully make an incision near the base of the Arm.  Open  up to expose the wires going to the hand, there should be two.

Step 3: Cutting Wires

gently cut wires with wire stripper and keep wires isolated from each other so to not confuse the sets of wires going to the hand and wires going to circuit board. Strip the wires to expose 3/4 of an inch or more of copper showing.

Step 4: Attach Wire's Together Solder and Test

Now you will be attaching your switch jack to the exposed wires.  Combine the two wires together in the same fashion as they were before.  Add in one wire from  your switch jack to one side and do the same for the opposite.  The order for these toy's is not critical, however it is good practice to keep it the same, so color coat them with a red and blue sharpie or color of choice.

Step 5: Test

Plug in a spare ability switch and test to see that everything works.
If successful cover wires with electrical tape or shrinking wire wrap.
Stuff back inside sew back together of hot melt glue it and viola your done!! 
Enjoy and remember have fun!!

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    Thank you for posting these directions. On the list of things to adapt.


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    You Bet!!


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    Thanks it means alot to me to know someone read it and liked it!~