Switch for Arduino (Sugru Project)

Introduction: Switch for Arduino (Sugru Project)

This is a very simple Sugru project to mold and secure the switch to a bread board. I had built police lights and siren using an Arduino Uno, LEDs and a Piezo buzzer. To turn the buzzer on and off, but keep the lights on, I added a rocker switch as the negative connection's interupt. However, the switch was not secured to anything, so it was a pain to actually use it.

Step 1: Switch Placement

The switch was originally floating in the air from the solid 22 gauge wire. After shortening the wire and stripping it with wire cutters, I placed the switch to the front of the bread board.

Step 2: Wrap in Sugru & Let Dry

The Sugru was first added to the rocker switch connectors because I hadn't soldered them into place. Next I wrapped the entire side structure of the switch and connected it to the side of the bread board. After shaping it and flattening the bottom, I let the Sugru dry. Note: so the Sugru didn't dry and adhere to the table, I kept the board and Sugru elevated off any surface.

Now, the switch is easy to use!

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    5 years ago on Introduction


    I want to turn on and turn off
    my LED table study lamp by moving my hand over a sensor. Hand over tuns
    on the light and hand over again to turn off the light. A very simple switch actually. Do I need a infrared sensor and a
    flip flap?

    What do you suggest?

    A simple one and as small as possible!!


    5 years ago

    Smart idea! Thanks for shearig :)